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Seller’s Guide

Have you been thinking about selling your house and starting over somewhere new? You're not alone. People have been more motivated to pack up and move to a new area than ever before in recent years. Whether you're moving because you want to live in a new town, you need more space, or you're relocating for employment reasons, it's essential to prepare yourself for the selling experience. The following guide compiles several tips and guidelines for selling your property.


Why Do You Want to Sell Your House?

Selling can be a time-consuming and expensive process, so make sure you know why you want to sell and what your expectations are before you get too invested. The first step is to check on your finances to understand how much equity you'll have when you sell your house. 

You'll also need to budget for the selling process, make pre-listing home improvements, and figure out the timeframe. When do you need your house to be sold? What is the minimum sale price you'll accept for the house? Many of these questions can be discussed with your listing agent. Do you know the best time of year to sell your home? Research the local real estate market to know the best time to sell.


Hire a Skilled Listing Agent

Hiring an agent is the best way to sell your house efficiently and for the maximum profit. Agents work for you and on your behalf to help you receive the best price and sell your home quickly. They also handle all of the marketing, open houses, and negotiations. You want someone who is looking out for you and only you. Trust their advice and allow them to negotiate your contract if something doesn't feel right.

Prepare Your Home for the Market

Before your agent lists your home for sale on the market, you'll need to ensure your house looks fantastic. That requires deep cleaning, decluttering, and home improvements. Here are the areas on which you should focus:

Focus solely on making repairs and renovations that are proven to maximize your ROI, such as kitchen and bathroom upgrades or adding solar panels.

Curb appeal is essential. A buyer's first impression can make or break a sale. Spend time fixing your front yard by repainting the front door, mowing the lawn, adding flowers, power-washing the driveway, etc. Hire a landscaper if needed.

Consider hiring a professional staging service.


Pricing Strategies

Deciding on a price range for your house is the trickiest part of the selling process and the most important. This stage is where you will be the most thankful for hiring a professional realtor. An agent has many tools at their disposal to help you craft the right price, as you don't want to over or underprice your property. 

An expert on the area's home values, your agent will be the best resource for finding the right price, but you can also research yourself by looking at comparable sales at recent homes that have sold in the area. Hiring an appraiser is also a valuable option.



Once your home is ready to be listed, your agent will market your property with an effective digital and traditional marketing campaign to appeal to the broadest pool of buyers. Through a combination of professional photography, videos, 3D tours, and scheduled showings, your agent will ensure they get the most eyes on your home.



After receiving an offer and accepting it, the next stage will be the home inspection. Buyers hire a home inspector to check out the house and ensure you have disclosed everything necessary. Depending on what the inspection results say, you might have to renegotiate with the buyer to consider repairs. Once everything is finalized and all the paperwork is signed, you will have officially sold your house to its new owner!

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